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Review – Alabeo C404 Titan



Aircraft Introduction:

The Cessna 404 Titan is a twin turbo-engined propeller driven aircraft designed by Cessna in 1975. The workhorse was in production from 1976 to 1982 with a total of 396 aircraft completed. The 404 was designed off of the Cessna 402 aircraft and included an enlarged vertical tail in addition to other changes.


Installation of the 404 from Alabeo is very easy. In total the installation of the add-on should take a maximum of about 5 or 6 minutes.

The installation process starts with receiving an email which includes a link to download, a unique serial key, and a unique “username” which is the email that you used to pick up the aircraft. This part of the process may differ for you though as I received my copy of the aircraft directly from Alabeo and not from any other retailers. The installation file (.exe format) is contained within a .ZIP file. To begin installation of the aircraft you must first unzip the installer software.

Once the installer is unzipped you can proceed to running the file, be sure to “run as administrator” so that everything installs correctly. Now that you have opened the install file you should be presented with a welcome screen, you must simply select “next” to continue with the installation process.

installer 1

Now that you have selected next you will be presented with a page outlining the terms etc, select “i agree” to continue. No you are presented with a product activation page which includes a space for the “user name” and activation/product key that I mentioned earlier. Follow the steps to enter your unique information and continue.

Now you will have to select the sim which you are trying to install the aircraft for, and possibly select a different directory to install it in if your sim is installed elsewhere.

installer 2

Now you will be presented with a green progress bar. Once the bar reaches 100% select “finish” and your done!

installer 4


The interior of the aircraft is highly detailed, and features a wide range of working instruments and functions, as we would expect from a high-level add-on from a company like Alabeo. Although not integral to the actual flying of the aircraft, a feature that I really enjoy with the Alabeo or Carenado aircraft is how many different “animations” they have if I can call them that. I feel it really adds to the realism, and to the overall feel of the aircraft if the windows “work”, along with all of the different doors and hatches.

animations 3

In addition to the well modeled animations the interior, the add-on also features a highly detailed virtual cockpit which is fully functional, in addition to a highly detailed virtual passenger cabin complete with animations.

interior 1 ground

The aircraft features the standard Garmin 430 GPS in addition to a second Avidyne multi-function display, however the aircraft is also compatible with Reality XP GNS530 in addition to Flight1’s GTN 750.


interior 4

interior 3 air right sideinterior 2 air backseat


Like the interior, the exterior of Alabeo’s C404 is highly detailed visually featuring high quality HD textures, a truly great job on the modelling and again the “animations” are also very detailed adding to the overall feel and realism of the aircraft.

animations 1

animations 2

The texture work on the aircraft is amazing, and it really brings the model to life!

exterior 2

Flight Model:

After many years of firsthand experience with aircraft like the C404 I can say that Alabeo has really outdone themselves with this one.

The aircraft handles very realistically and includes many little touches that make it feel that much more real. In addition to the fact that it handles very realistically I can also say that the aircraft is literally a “dream to fly”. Whether your looking to go on a longer cross country voyage or just go out sightseeing this workhorse of an aircraft is going to empower you to do just that, not only just do it, but it’s also going to allow you to both enjoy and excel at it.

exterior 1

When flying this add-on you can really gain a respect for the raw power of the two Continental Motors engines on either side of the fuselage.


After flying the aircraft around for a while it has really begun to grow on me. I’ve never really been a fan of smaller aircraft for flight sim, I’ve always been more entertained by larger more elaborate models like the PMDG NGX, or Aerosoft’s Airbus, however Alabeo’s C404 Titan is still probably one the top 5 favorite aircraft currently in my flight sim hangar.

Although (and we didn’t really cover this until now) the aircraft doesn’t feature the most complex systems simulation ever, it is still a very enjoyable aircraft to fly around, and I think that it’s the kind of model that any pilot can start-up and enjoy for hours on end.


System Used for Review:

My PC isn’t exactly optimized for flight sim, however it get’s the job done.

Installed Memory (RAM): 16.0 GB

Processor: AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core processor

Operating System: Windows 8.1 64 bit

Game: FSX Deluxe + Acceleration

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  • Jan

    Thanks for sharing this review!

    • Flight Simulated

      You’re welcome Jan. Glad to hear you liked it.

  • Toni Hiltunen

    Thank you for review. I will buy this plane soon, beautiful plane.

  • Thomas

    Your Turn and Bank Co-Ordinater have a BUG. In real you can only fly VFR with out it.

    a test pilot is always in training


Review – A2A Comanche 250



Aircraft Introduction:

The Piper Comanche is a 4 seat single engine piston-powered aircraft first introduced in May 1956. Production of the aircraft halted in 1972 after a flood wiped out the production line for the Comanche along with the Twin Comanche line. Overall a total of 4,857 single Comanche aircraft were produced by Piper.


Installation of the add-on from A2A is very easy to understand, even for the most novice user. Once the download from the A2A store, or wherever you purchased the product has completed you will simply have to open up the folder (zipped) and run the installer application.

Installer 1

The installer interface (depicted above) is very easy to read and understand. The instructions are clearly stated, to install the aircraft simply follow the steps provided via the A2A installer,. Once the installation has completed, you will simply have to select the ‘Finish’ option, and you’re ready for flight!

installer 5

Also be sure to select the ‘Run’ and ‘Trust’ options on the initial load of your new add-on!


As with all of A2A’s general aviation beauty’s the Comanche 250 comes with an awesome ‘Hangar’ which allows you to configure the aircraft just the way you like it. Anything from the prop, to the tip tanks, to the type of tires you want it can all be configured here!

hangar 1

Overall the hangar feature is one of my absolute favorite features of any A2A aircraft. The feature really ads a whole new depth of realism to the simulation, allowing you to customize the aircraft to fit your requirements and desires, it truly allows you to make the aircraft ‘yours’ just as if you owned the real thing.


As with all of A2A’s ultra high quality add-ons, the Comanche has absolutely no detail spared when it comes to the level of work put into both the exterior and the interior models of the aircraft. With the Comanche 250 you can enjoy ultra high resolution texturing, along with a customization equipment set up.

inter 1

Default, the aircraft can be equipped with either no GPS, a Garmin GPSMAP 295, or a Garmin GNS 400.

inter 2

Above, we can see the aircraft equipped with the GPSMAP 295, below is the Garmin GNS 400 model.

inter 3

All of this can be configured by pressing ‘Shift’ and ‘3’ both at once while in the sim.

inter 4

In addition to the obviously awesome customization’s, the interior of the A2A Comanche also features many cool animations, and a fully clickable virtual cockpit.


Just like the interior, the exterior of the Comanche is stunning in absolutely every way. It also features man cool customization’s including the addition of wing tip tanks, an interchangeable prop (2 options), and many other realistic additions, too many to list which of course all actually affect the way the aircraft handles and performs. Below we see the aircraft as it comes, without any customization’s to the exterior model.

exter 1

Now (below) I have added the MT-9-B prop and the tip tanks.

exter 2

In addition to the customization’s and tweaks that you can make to the model, as with all A2A accu-sim aircraft the Comanche allows you to do a realistic, full aircraft walkaround, not to mention the damn awesome crash effects.



Flight Model:

I don’t personally have any real world experience with the Comanche, so I’m comparing to my hours in the Mooney M20c. Overall the aircraft seems to fly and even almost ‘feel’ as it should if it were a real general aviation aircraft. The aircraft is modeled realistically and based off of A2A’s real Piper Comanche therefore they were able to use a little bit of extra insight to develop this add-on actually owning the aircraft themselves.

flight 1

Overall the aircraft is very realistic seeming, and reacts to stalls, turbulence, etc well and very realistically.


After putting my hours in on the A2A Comanche I can personally attest that the aircraft is truly a gem of our hobby, and an absolute must-have for your general aviation hangar. The realistic flight dynamics, along with the highly detailed visual modeling, the hangar, and the customization of the add-on make for a truly outstanding flight experience.

The Comanche surpasses every expectation I had for it, and overall it is now my absolute number one favorite aircraft to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator, followed by the A2A Skyhawk as a close second. This add-on will certainly be a contender for both our ‘Product of the Year’ and our ‘Innovation’ awards to be given out in September.

System Used for Review:

My PC isn’t exactly optimized for flight sim, however it get’s the job done.

Installed Memory (RAM): 16.0 GB

Processor: AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core processor

Operating System: Windows 8.1 64 bit

Game: FSX Deluxe + Acceleration

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